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Marta Pozzan as

in Self Portrait

ANGELA is silent. She doesn’t want Felicia to know she won’t be staying there much longer – that would very much upset her in fact – and she’s quietly thinking about what to do next. Should she find a real job? Maybe get a degree in Fine Arts as she’s always wanted to? That won’t get her a paycheck. She needs something more substantial that can help her get back on track right away, like now. But how though? She’s got no money, no support from Alec at this point, no hope ? … Oh come on, it can’t be so dark, she can’t be so helpless. There must be a way.

Angela’s face is blushed, she can feel the heat running through her checks, her skin is tingling and getting slightly swollen, sort of numb from nervousness. She’s sipping on her black tea while dreaming of being back at the Duvall mansion, with her husband, well ex, her dog Paggie and Lucie, always by her side, her precious little source of peace and serenity. How can your life be taken away this fast? 10 years of controlled and moderate happiness swept away like old dust hidden in the corners. Goodness gracious. She’s gonna cry. Felicia, YOU DID NOT SEE THAT.

To be continued –

Clothes: FWRD
Dress: Self Portrait

A film by Marta Pozzan

Starring: Marta Pozzan
Directed by: Ashley Frangie
Camera: Joe Baek
MUA: Juanita Lyon
Editing: Francesca Casiraghi

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SElf Portrait - ANGELA

Angela - Marta Pozzan

FWRD - Elyse Walker

FWRD Elyse Walker - Marta Pozzan

  Angela - FWRD

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