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Marta Pozzan x Johanna Johnson from Marta Pozzan on Vimeo.

As you might have guessed – I love shooting little teaser videos where you get a hint of the story but not quite the full version. Here we go with a mini video a la old Hollywood featuring the song ‘Precious‘ of one of my favorite artists of these days SOKO, aka Soko the Cat. Here are some moments captured while strolling around my hood, Beachwood, so close to the mesmerizing Hollywood sign. The Johanna Johnson cape I’m wearing here is so embellished and yes, precious that I thought it’d fit the song perfectly. To shop the Johanna Johnson cape click here and to shop the full new collection, click here! And make sure to check out my Vimeo and YouTube page as I’ll start uploading more and more videos now!

Video by Chad J. Wilson.